Mike MacDonald at The Comedy Quarry in Windsor

Photo courtesy of The Comedy Quarry

Four years ago, Canadian comedian Mike MacDonald suffered a near death experience that required a liver transplant, so it’s not surprising his Windsor shows at The Comedy Quarry last weekend began with a little bit about the Canadian health care system.

“It’s really funny that the people in the United States who need health care the most are the exact same people voting against free health care,” MacDonald told the crowd. “In America, you either have lots of money or you die. I love and respect our Canadian health care system and I’m very grateful for it.”

MacDonald was the headliner for three performances celebrating the fourth anniversary of The Comedy Quarry, a nightclub situated in the basement of Rockhead Pub on Ottawa Street. The intimate comedy-only club was a great place to see a comedian who’s being billed as The King of Canadian Comedy.

Throughout his show, MacDonald spoke about drug use – both medicinally for his liver transplant and for recreational use in his younger days – the main differences between Canadians and Americans, his experiences living in Los Angeles for several years and a fun poke at Americans who’ve said they’d move to Canada if Trump was elected as President.

“The idea that Trump is for the working man is what really kills me,” he joked. “If people were smart enough not to vote for Trump, I wouldn’t mind if they moved here, but what if it had been the other way around? And if he didn’t get elected, what if Trump’s supporters moved up here? Then I think Canadians would have chipped in for that wall. It would have been paid for in seconds.”

MacDonald was a fun one to listen to the entire time. His commentary was perfect for a 62-year-old who’s seen the world, returned healthy from liver surgery and re-established his home in Canada simply for the pure joy of living in “the politest country in the world.”

If MacDonald really is a bipolar manic depressive like he tells his audiences, then he has the perfect job as a comedian and audiences like the one Saturday night in Windsor reap all the benefits.

God Save the King.

A few local comedians opened the three shows, including an extremely funny stand-up routine from The Comedy Quarry’s owner Jon Peladeau, who evidently has an odd obsession with Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins.

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