Post Productions – Windsor’s newest theatre company – is bringing David Mamet’s celebrated play, Oleanna, to SHO: Art, Spirit and Performance: April 28 and 29, May 5 and 6.

A conversation about grades between a male university professor and a female student about her grades quickly becomes the locus of rage, resentment, and abuse. Oleanna explores the ways in which two people can experience the same events from drastically different perspectives, how perception can shape reality, and how quickly and inevitably power corrodes and corrupts even the best-intentioned people.


Regarding the choice of Oleanna as its first play, Post Productions’ Artistic Director Michael O’Reilly said, “We chose Oleanna for our first play because it underlines a lot of things we’re trying to do. The issues of power, miscommunication, political correctness, and feminism explored in this play inflame our social and political debates even more now in the era of Trump than they did 25 years ago when Oleanna was first staged. The characters in Oleanna, John and Carol, embody that conflict, and play out all of our worst tendencies in every comic and tragic way imaginable. The tornado of emotions we experience watching John and Carol are our own. And we’re on our own as to what to do with them. We want audiences to leave the theatre thrilled and energized and eager to talk about what they’ve just seen.”

Starring Fay Lynn as Carol and Michael Potter as John. Doors open at 7:30, show begins at 8:00. Tickets are $15 in advance at postproductionswindsor.ca or $20 at the door. Since SHO – located at 628 Monmouth Rd, Windsor, ON – is a licensed venue, Oleanna is a 19+ event.

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