Entertainment is not hard to come by in Windsor, but amazing entertainment for family members of all ages is a little more difficult. Last weekend the gang at Extension-Korda staged a rousing musical from a group of talented young performers from the troupe’s Summer Camp. It had enough laughs, songs and great moments that I bet there wasn’t a soul in the audience at the Kordazone Theatre who didn’t have a good time.

Second Banana: A Grade School Musical was pure fun, jam packed into a solid one-hour show. I was amazed to find out that the kids and their mentors put the entire show together in just two weeks. I once had a speaking role in a short movie and it took me forever to remember my three lines, let alone an entire show, so congrats to the entire cast for pulling such an entertaining show off in just two weeks. And with an ensemble cast like this, I would be remiss if I didn’t share the love with all the wonderful performers: Peyton Del Papa, Marissa Dodich, Brooke Dominguez, Zeb Fulcher, Claire Grona, Maria Hausmann, Elise Holbrook, Dylan Klinck, Emalena Laforest and Cavelle Doucet Lefebvre.


Some of the highlights in the show included a standout performance from the younger kids, who performed a song with a big Broadway vibe that reminded me of a cross between music from Les Misérables and Annie’s Hard Knock Life and the incredible ensemble performance of the show’s title song Second Banana and its reprises.

The stage was highlighted with a colourful blackboard which was used to set the timeframe of the scenes and a couple fully functional swings that were used a few times during recess and bonding scenes between characters.

I felt a bit privileged to see the show, because I’m pretty sure many of these great young actors will be the future stars of the Windsor acting scene and some will even go well beyond. I had never heard of the Extension-Korda Summer Camp, but after seeing the results presented here in Second Banana, this is certainly a great way for our youth to spend a summer.

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