Brett Kissel

Who doesn’t love a country music concert on a Sunday night? Probably every student who has class and every adult who has work on Monday morning. Never fear, Brett Kissel gave everyone a get out of jail free card in Windsor, Ontario as he returned to the Chrysler Theatre on a weekend where new snowfall records may have been broken.

Walking out to an expectant and excited crowd, 95.9 Windsor’s Country Cordell Green wasted no time introducing the headliner for the night, Brett Kissel – or as opening act Dan Davidson described him “Canada’s national treasure”.

Opening his set with the tour’s namesake, We Were That Song, it didn’t take long for everyone to start dancing the night away from the children and teens to the grandparents who were in the crowd.

After playing his multiple radio hits early in the set, Kissel ramped up the energy even more by transitioning into a “classic” covers segment where Brooks & Dunn, John Michael Montgomery and All 4 One were given tributes. By far the most fun though was the tribute to Shania Twain’s I Feel Like A Woman as Kissel tried to back out repeatedly but his band and the roar of the audience prohibited any such thought.

Brett Kissel is also one of the most humble artists I’ve experienced this year. Not only did he give each band member time to show their skills, he introduced them all by name and proclaimed their many accomplishments whether they were an amazing father or the reigning Canadian Country Music Awards violinist or bassist.

If there had to be three highlights in this set, they would be as follows: The sheer level of patriotism during the song Canadian Kid, followed by an impromptu singing of our national anthem. Three girls in the audience pulled on stage for their homemade shirts in tribute to a song on Kissel’s new We Were That Song album called Drink, Cuss, Fish. Kissel dedicating Tough People Do to a fan in the front row whose grandfather had passed away that weekend.

After a full hour and a half of partying and just enjoying life on the stage, Kissel exited quickly but didn’t have to wait long before the crowd excitedly chanted for 3,2,1 to be performed as the encore. There wasn’t a single seat being occupied as the night ended with Brett Kissel proclaiming through song Thank God I’m A Country Boy.

It may have been a Sunday night and there may have been seven inches of snow outside waiting to cause havoc as the traffic began to filter out but that concert could very well stand to be one of the best this year. To quote Brett Kissel, a night like that is “something you just don’t forget”.

dan davidsonOpening the show was Dan Davidson, an artist who was full of positive energy and a great voice to match. They may put something in the water out in the prairies because Davidson, like Kissel, is an Alberta native, now travelling the country sharing his love and talent for the best genre in music. After getting the crowd up and out of their seats in his six-song set, Davidson played his most well-known radio single “Found” and even garnered a solid response in crowd participation for the final chorus. It was a pleasure to meet Dan Davidson after his set by the merchandise table where his appreciation and gratitude to the early crowd was highly evident. This guy definitely has a bright future in the world of country music.



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