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Everybody at one point in their life has dreamed of becoming a Hollywood actor or the next star in a Broadway production. That’s exactly what local musical director Kathleen Rutherford-Costa, is trying to accomplish for these young actors.

The talented teens took on A Very Potter Sequel, that originally became popular on YouTube. It was written by students at the University of Michigan and gained quite the popularity, especially after the release of their first parody show titled; A Very Potter Musical.


The show follows Lucius Malfoy, a ruthless Slytherin as he comes up with a plan to make the young and brave Harry Potter disappear for good!

Throughout this parody you will have bad jokes, goofy songs and lots of magic spells! The kids looked like they were having a whole lot of fun bringing these known and memorable characters to life. Keep in mind it is a parody so it doesn’t completely follow the Harry Potter you grew up with. For example; you do still get sorted by the sorting hat, but you are also told your sexuality with the scarf of sexual preference. Draco is not as tough as he appears, as he still uses a diaper and Hermione doesn’t always have the answers to everything, but instead the target for everyone’s jokes.

For having most of the kids in Grade and High School, they did a stellar job bringing this show to life. Two of the standout performers were Reese LaBute who played Dolores Umbridge and Samantha Elford who played Severus Snape. Both of them really connected with their roles and nailed the voices and mannerisms. In the movies Dolores Umbridge is known as the strict professor who all of the students strongly despise.

In A Very Potter Sequel, Dolores is the most comedic role of the show and has a crush on the head professor Albus Dumbledore who is played by Georgia Volland. Ian MacDonald (Harry Potter), Allyson Johnston (Hermione Granger), Albert Sharp (Ron Weasley) and Rayne Reely (Draco Malfoy) all did a great job playing the four leads. Both Ian MacDonald and Allyson Johnston showed off their vocal abilities for each of their characters solo songs.

Before their final tech rehearsal run, I chatted with eldest cast member Adam Bergamin (Lucius Malfoy) about the show fundraiser. He said that the director is trying to raise enough money so the kids can go to workshops in New York City, where they can work with professional actors, directors, choreographers, producers, etc. The money made from the show will go towards the kids flight and accommodations.

I asked Adam what was the best thing about being in this production and he answered with; “Working with dedicated youth, with great energy. They very much reminded me of when I was their age and how excited I was to be in a show with so many talented people. I loved coming to rehearsal and watching them grow as the show came closer.”

Adam also had a few kind words to say to the director of the show. He said “I have been involved in community theatre for 10 years now and I have to say working with Kathy has been an amazing experience. She not only directed, but taught the music, stage managed, made costumes, etc. Everything behind the scenes she had a part of and made sure the kids were having a great time. She is truly a master at her craft.”

A Very Potter Musical was put on by a newer theatre company in Windsor called Spotlight Theatrix. They offer many opportunities for youth such as musicals, cabarets, after school programs and music lessons. A Very Potter Sequel was staged at Rockstar Music Hall on Central Avenue on February 10 and 11.

The full cast includes: Adam Bergamin (Lucius Malfoy), Emma Lindsay (Yaxley), Samantha Elford (Severus Snape), Katelynn Gignac (Conductor/Crabbe), Ian MacDonald (Harry Potter), Rayne Reely (Draco Malfoy), Victoria Krysa (Molly Weasley), Albert Sharp (Ron Weasley), Allyson Johnston (Hermione Granger), Emmy Dubreuil (Remus Lupin), Emil Palmer (Sirius Black), Megan Mulligan (Rita Skeeter), Reese Labute (Professor Umbridge), Ashley Marchi (Seamus Finnigan), Devon Silver (Dean Thomas), Brooke Haglund (Cho Chang), Emma MacDonald (Scarfy/Sortie/Arthur Weasley), Emily Fortier (Luna Lovegood/Hedwig/Lily Potter), Zariah Wilson (Goyle/Firenze), Georgie Savoie (Neville Longbottom/James Potter) and Georgia Volland (Albus Dumbledore).

For more Information on upcoming shows and how to get involved check out their website.

potter sequel

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