Princesses Aplenty

Riverfront Theatre Company will be performing a locally-written play with a positive message to women of all ages beginning May 26, 2017.

Princesses Aplenty offers a hilarious mash-up of beloved fairy tales, well-known Shakespearean plays, and music from the 1960’s. The positive messages placed throughout the show are not by accident.


With a desperate shortage of princes in Fairytale Land, owing to the hunting habits of a hungry dragon, the “Fairytale Council” scrambles to re-arrange stories to allot princes to “worthy” princesses, in an attempt to salvage a few happily-ever-afters. Unfortunately, they fail to take into account the hopes, desires, and attachments of the princesses themselves while moving princes and tasking Hamlet, Macbeth, and Romeo with falling in love. Time after time, the princesses stand up for themselves and insist on taking their destinies into their own hands.

Princesses all over the Realm are choosing to stand by their commitments and ignore what’s presented to them as a “better alternative,” to wait for love until they get to know themselves better, and not to be afraid to be the one going out to do the rescuing.

Along their adventures, the characters break out into fun and silly renditions of well-loved 60’s music. True love, as it turns out, can be found in shared adventure and courage in the face of overwhelming danger. These girls are filled with determination, energy, bravery,
spunk, and real independence, and they aren’t afraid to take control of their own Happily-Ever-Afters!

Written and revised by local authors, Kristina and Caroline Garswood of Riverfront Theatre Company.

Princesses Aplenty runs at the Olde Walkerville Theatre from May 26th – 28th.

Princesses Aplenty

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