Josh GrobanHailing from Los Angeles, Josh Groban is a multi-platinum, Grammy Award-nominated singer, songwriter, and actor who continues to sell-out concert auditoriums all around the world. If you’ve never heard him before, have you been living under a rock?! No seriously, ask a friend, post on your social media or even do a quick Google search to find out the man behind the voice because I am certain he will not disappoint you.

On Sunday night, I had the pleasure to have tickets on the Colosseum floor at Caesars Windsor to enjoy an authentic Josh Groban experience with a great friend, who warned me she would be breaking out the tissues.

Josh stepped onto the stage in his eggplant purple-coloured suit and shiny black shoes, with a beautiful orchestra and choir, as well as other musicians. The collaboration of music throughout the entire evening performance especially with some bongo playing and impeccable drumming was delightful.

Josh was actually quite a jovial, quirky guy who didn’t take himself too seriously (at least not on stage that night!) but the moment he started singing, it was if he was transported into another world and took your hand to invite you in with him. His vocal range was so impressive and when he hit those high notes, it gave me goose bumps.

Josh did a number of songs from his albums, as well as paid homage to other music artists who have inspired him. Several personal favourites were Granted, Pure Imagination and Play. Of course, he did his most known hits of You Raise Me Up and Don’t Give Up.

There was also a surprise performance by a random audience member who was called up from the crowd. The man didn’t come up on stage, but shook Josh’s hand from below and with a slight hesitancy and probably a bit of jitters, agreed to sing. He knew most of the words to Where You Are and the idea was for him to start and then he’d be giving the microphone back to Josh. He went solo on this one as Josh playfully tried to reach out to get the mic back during parts of the song. What a voice! We have so much talent here. Josh stood on stage in awe and amazement and let this man have his moment.

On a side note, if you go back to the Ally Mcbeal days of television, during the prom scene, you’ll recognize a little Joshie on the show who belts out the melodic tune You’re Still You. He decided to share that fun tidbit with everyone and proceeded to perform the song with such a heart-felt vulnerability.

In a world where we have so much divisiveness between each other and the increased anxiety being thrusted upon us by every news outlet, the classic song, Bridge Over Troubled Waters seemed totally fitting for Josh to sing at the end. It brought a sense of unity, love and even for just one night, a little bit of extra happiness.

During what may seem like insurmountable obstacles and unimaginable sadness at times in our lives, we honour this message that Josh reminded us of tonight: “don’t give up because you are loved.”

All photos by Dan Savoie

Josh Groban Setlist
Caesars Windsor
Feb. 9, 2020

You Are Loved (Don’t Give Up)
Pure Imagination
What I Did for Love
Play Me
To Where You Are (sung by Father Patrick)
The Frist Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Alla Luce del Sole
February Song
You Raise Me Up

You’re Still You
Bridge Over Troubled Water

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