Tim-and-the-Glory-BoysBC Christian bluegrass band Tim and The Glory Boys are currently on a tour across Ontario performing at churches on their Buffalo Roadshow Tour. The band will appear in the 519 at Forward Church in Cambridge on Dec. 8, New Hope Community Church in London on Dec. 9 and Lakeshore St. Andrews Church in Windsor on Dec. 12.

The band has a bit of a hillbilly vibe, much like Washboard Union, but the message is very clearly Christian. We like to call them the first Hillbilly Christian band. We recently spoke with leader Tim Neufeld about the hillbilly image and their messages in Christ.

The boys are currently in Ontario to support their latest album, The Buffalo Roadshow as well as their upcoming country singles and EP. The tour will continue all through 2019 and include over 120 concerts in Canada, 60 across the US and 20 in the UK.

First off, I have to say, you guys are a hairy bunch.
So obviously the hair goes along with the hillbilly slant of the music.
Do you embrace your inner hillbilly?
On paper, a Christian hillbilly band might sound like a bad idea, but it actually works.
In a Christian band, the band members need to feel the same way.
What is it that you think makes the music so appealing.
Your messages are clear and positive. The Christian vibe is unmistakable.
Do you do anything special before a show?
Have you had an experience like that you can share about a fan's faith?
Christ and country music are two forms of music that really embrace family life. Is your family involved in your career?
Do your family tour with you
You're playing a couple churches in Southwestern Ontario.
Do you have any memories of the area?
It must be fascinating getting to visit all these churches.

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