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Hollywood Medium star Tyler Henry was in Windsor Friday night for a packed house eager to hear about his stories and to witness his mentalist abilities first-hand. According to the medium-to-the-stars, The Colosseum audience was the largest crowd he’d ever performed for.

“This is the largest audience I have ever stood in front of in my entire life,” Henry told the audience as he let out a nervous giggle, which happened often throughout the show. “You can probably imagine how intense that is for a medium. I told my mom before the show that I was a bit nervous and she said how can you be frightened of talking to living people – you talk to dead people.”


Henry took the crowd through his personal encounters with his clients, television show guests and how he actually discovered his psychic abilities. It seemed like the type of show that is designed more for a smaller, intimate audience, but the larger audience gave the controversial topic a little more weight.

He had the audience in tears as he told stories about his grandmother and best friend, both of which he had sensed their deaths before they had actually happened. He had also brought along a necklace that belonged to his grandmother that was tucked away into a box on a table in the middle of the stage. He told a story about seeing visions of that necklace, which ended up becoming one of the only remaining pieces of memorabilia left after his grandmother’s home was robbed the day she died.

Henry is a very likeable guy who appears to enjoy connecting with people and helping them with closure or clarity as they move forward with their own lives. As he told his own story, it was clear that he struggled with his abilities early on, even waiting patiently for approval from his dad, who tested him one day.

“At 16, a lot of people knew about my ability except for my dad and he really had no idea what a medium was,” Henry said. “One day my dad asked me to get a yearbook off the shelf to see if I could read from a photo. I saw 30 faces on the page and three of those faces rose off the page. As I pointed to them, the look on my father’s face changed because those were three of his friends who had passed away.”

After going through his personal stories and a brief explanation of how his physic abilities work, Henry opened the floor for questions from the audience. Although he suggested questions about how his abilities work or even some about the TV show, it ended up being a series of questions and shotgun queries about personal experiences or relatives that passed.

In one shocking moment, Henry answered one question about a husband that passed by fluttering his arms and jumping around the stage saying he saw a bird in a vision. It turns out that the woman who asked the question made the connection to a cardinal who keeps fly into her window. Whenever the bird hit the window, she would turn to her son and say ‘that’s your father’.

Henry’s show was enjoyable, entertaining and educational. It even came with a clear message that self-awareness is the key to moving forward in life.

“One of the most important lessons I’ve learned from the other side is that we need self-awareness,” Henry explained. “We also need to be proactive and aware of our health. In season two (of Hollywood Medium), I did a reading for Alan Thicke and he was told from the other side not to be stubborn and to go see a doctor. Alan passed away three months later. So it’s important that we keep up on our health in the physical world.”

After the show, Henry invited the audience to join him for a book signing and photos, which created a long line of anxious fans in the Casino mezzanine.

Hollywood Medium returns to E! Canada on February 28 at 9pm for its third season, beginning with guests Jim Parsons (Big Bang Theory), Kristin Cavallari and Savannah and Todd Chrisley.

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