Autumn Kings

Windsor rockers Autumn Kings have released another video for a song off their debut full length CD Silver Screens.

If I Leave Today was filmed in both Toronto and Windsor and seems to tell the story of a giant lion packing his belongings and leaving the small town (maybe Windsor) for the big city of Toronto. We see the lion walking the streets of the city with a back pack strapped on and he’s even taking a street car in a cute scene which must have drawn some attention when it was filmed.


Autumn KingsIf I Leave is the third video from Silver Screens, which was released via iTunes and Spotify in March this year. The previous video for Illusion has seen a few thousand views on YouTube and is a bit more of a straightforward party performance piece. The first video from the album, a cover of Ricky Martin’s Livin’ La Vida Loca, pre-dated the album’s release and received a good response from radio while earning the band more than 20,000 views on YouTube.

If I Leave has more visual depth, better colours and a deeper contrast throughout and there’s also a cute Barenaked Ladies-ish sense of style in the non-performance parts featuring the lion.

The song, as with much of Autumn Kings music, is a bit punk and a little bit Maroon 5. In fact, Autumn Kings are the band we all wish Maroon 5 was. They’ve got a sense of attitude that Maroon 5 has lacked for many years, giving this Windsor band a bit of a Green Day/Maroon 5 advantage over the multi-platinum Adam Levine fronted band. Autumn Kings are younger, stronger and hungrier than Levine and his Maroon 5 cohorts, basically leaving Levine and crew in the dust.

The new video was masterfully filmed and produced by Windsor music photographer Gene Schilling and videographer/cameraman Donny Rose, who’s known for his work on Chopped Canada and the hit TV series Kenny vs. Spenny. The performance part of the video was staged and lit by Jon Renaud and Mario Ricci of Live Production Group, who have produced several local shows around Windsor and London, including mesmerizing lights and sound for the Pink Floyd tribute Wish You Were Here earlier this year.

Up until this point Autumn Kings were Windsor’s best kept rock n’ roll secret, but with this video, the cat is out of the bag so-to-say and he’s roaring like a lion – according to the video it’s a lion with a backpack, but it’s still a lion nonetheless.

Autumn Kings are Joseph Coccimiglio (Lead Vocals), Jake Diab (Guitar/Vocals), Tibor Bognar (Bass) and Jeremie Brousseau (Drums). Since the band’s inception in 2015, they have shared the stage with national touring acts such as Sublime with Rome, Pop Evil, Mutemath, U.S.S and Gob. Aside from Silver Screens, the band also released a six-song EP in 2015.

The album is available at iTunes and their latest news, photos and videos can be found on Facebook.

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