Drop Dead Famous

LiUNA-BluesfestDrop Dead Famous
Bluesfest Windsor
Thursday, July 12 – 6-7pm

Drop Dead Famous are a pop, rock and dance band from Windsor, ON. They’re geared up for an appearance at Bluesfest Windsor supporting Extreme and Night Ranger.


You started as a cover band. What steps did you have to take to move from a cover band to making your own sound?
We loved doing the cover gig and had a lot of great times doing it. We all still had this dream of going to the next level and or at least see what original music we could create. It’s took a while to get a writing formula that worked for us but once we did it was off to the races. We still throw in some of our favourite cover songs at gigs as do many original acts.

Is it harder to get gigs with original music?
Living in a city the size of Windsor there are not a lot of original music venues but we still manage to play in a lot of clubs and festivals.

There is a story about you guys opening for Theory of a Deadman. What really happened?
LOL. Yes we’ve opened up for Theory of a Deadman a couple of times and know them on a personal level . The best gig was up in Barrie to a sold out crowd. It was the type of gig that keeps you dreaming about doing more big shows.

Who are your influences?
Personal influences consist of Sting, Foo fighters, killers, U2 to name a few. The cool thing is most of the other guys have very different favourite bands or influences ranging from Van Halen, Beastie Boys , Rush and Depeche Mode but we all come together to create the DDF sound that we enjoy.

You’re going to be at Bluesfest Windsor in July. How exciting is it to be on the Main Stage to kick off the evening on Thursday night?
We feel very fortunate to have landed the Blues Fest gig and we are pumped. I think the diversity of this year’s line up with the addition of Rock Thursday and Retro Sunday are going to prove to be the most successful festival to date.

As a Windsor band, it must be an awesome feeling to be included in Bluesfest. What can we expect at your show?
We will be playing all of our favourite DDF originals along with one or two of our favourite covers.

Is there an album or EP coming in the future?
All of our music is available to download on Spotify , iTunes and pretty much all music sites. You can also check us out on Facebook or at www.dropdeadfamous.com.

Drop Dead Famous consists of Rob Higgins – lead singer, Chris Blais – keys, David Sinewitz – guitar, Scott Holmes – bass and Chris Holmes – drums.

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