kelcomKELCOM, a leading provider of business and consumer communication solutions, celebrates its fiftieth year serving the community.

Starting in 1969 as a radio provider named KEL Communications, the company experienced exponential growth. Since its start, the organization has expanded into a broad spectrum of technology solutions, including telephone and data services, cellular telephones, security, 3D printing, call centre services, internet, two-way radios, and much more.

Since its inception, KELCOM has focused on providing employees with the opportunity to fulfil their potential and become personal stakeholders in the company. The company first employed most of KELCOM’s owners as entry-level employees. “I started in 1973 as a technician,” said Reiner Neumann. “I hope that in another fifty years, KELCOM will still be employee-driven. I believe this is key to providing unparalleled customer service.” This strategy has been instrumental behind the creation of several divisions of the company, all operating under the same KELCOM brand. On the company’s 50th anniversary, the KELCOM team wishes to thank the community for being a crucial part of its success.

For more information on KELCOM and telecommunication solutions, visit their website.

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